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We are, as our mission statement says, "a worshipping family of God."

All of us yearn for genuine community--a gathering of friends in which we know we are loved and that we belong. We want the confidence that faith provides and assurance that God is with us no matter what happens to us.

We believe that worship keeps Christ at the center of our church's life. That's why Jesus Christ is the focus of our worship, the standard of truth and goodness, the model for our relationships, the source of our unity, and the motivation to reach out to our neighbors and world.

If you're looking for a community of love and belonging and a place where your faith can be nurtured, please let me help you become connected to our church.


Dr. Edward R. Bolen, Senior Pastor 

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Midweek@Milledge on Wednesday Evenings!!


August 19-September 23, 2015...

We offer activities for all ages!

Click HERE for more information about this wonderful opportunity for fellowship and learning!

Evening begins at 5:30pm with dinner with programming to follow.


Gospel of Job 1
The Gospel According to Job Sermon Series

The Hebrew book of Job is a meditation on suffering, honesty, despair and justice. At times, Job is righteous, patient, grieving, talking or confused. Surrounded by friends who are useless theologians, Job seeks answers from his God. Like Job, however, God is a dynamic character in the book. God makes a wager with The Satan, is at times agonizingly quiet and isprone to long speeches. But always, God responds to the honesty and suffering of Job.

Disdaining “bumper-sticker” answers to the problem of pain and human suffering, Job honestly confronts the loneliness of the human condition. We’ll find no slogans or quick fixes. What we can expect to find is frankness, powerful language and a faithful Hero named Job who never gave up on talking to God.

Sunday Preacher Scripture
August 2 Edward Bolen Job 1:1-22
August 9 Edward Bolen Job 3:1-10; 4:1-9; 7:11-21
August 16 Edward Bolen Job 14:7-15; 19:23-27
August 23 Ginny Dempsey Job 31:35-37; 38:1-11
August 30 Edward Bolen Job 38:25-27; 41:1-8; 42:1-6
September 6 Edward Bolen Job 42:7-17



Milledge Avenue Baptist Church

1690 South Milledge Ave.

Athens, GA 30605


Carrie Juarez, Church Secretary


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