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Soul Shop


Co-sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Athens and Milledge Avenue Baptist Church.


September 16 and 17

Milledge Avenue Baptist Church

1690 S. Milledge Avenue

Athens, GA

Register by September 13, 2018

Soul Shop for the Public

Sunday, September 16


Suicide awareness training for the entire community to address:

  • how we think and talk about suicide
  • suicide as a community health problem
  • steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of suicide


Register HERE. You'll be directed to the First Presbyterian Church of Athens website.

No charge

Soul Shop for Faith Leaders

Monday, September 17


Suicide awareness training for lay and professional leaders in faith communities to:

  • respond to persons impacted by suicidal desperation, including family and friends
  • develop soul-safe communities to decrease the risk of suicide
  • change the congregational culture around suicide


Register HEREYou'll be directed to the First Presbyterian Church of Athens website.

Cost is $10 for boxed lunch (pay during the registration process.) 


More Information

What is Soul Shop?

Madeline Van Dyck, Parish Nurse at First Presbyterian Church of Athens states, "Last summer, I went to Atlanta to attend Soul Shop's all-day conference for faith leaders at the recommendation of two members of my church's staff. And by the end of that day, I understood why they encouraged me to go. The workshop boldly took on the mystery of suicidal desperation and the heartache that surrounds it. The presenter and the materials were able to frame for me a new understanding of the hold suicide has on a soul and a crucial new step we all need to take to address desperation's call. I'm excited to help bring this training opportunity to the Athens community."


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