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The Pumpkin Church
The Story of the "Patch"

We had our first pumpkin patch in 2007. Originally, the money was used to sponsor a mission trip the youth were taking to Puerto Rico.

As the patch grew, it has provided mosquito nets for our sister church in Liberia, relief through Bethlehem Ministry in Haiti, and helped support local missions like Interfaith Hospitality Network, in addition to paying for 1/2 of our 15 passenger bus. 

Milledge Avenue Baptist Church has become known around Athens as the Pumpkin Church. The proceeds have grown each year so that now the money is used in many more ways and to benefit a variety of areas in the church and community.

How the Proceeds are Used

Building Stewardship

We use pumpkin patch funds to help support our local groups so they can use our facilities at no cost.

Children's Ministries

The pumpkin patch helps us cut camp costs, offer an Easter program and egg hunt, purchase supplies for Vacation Bible School, and recognize children on Promotion Sunday.

Youth Ministries

We are able to provide financial assistance so our youth can attend summer camps and retreats. These funds also help us enhance seasonal programs such as movie nights, annual lock-in, and our annual Christmas Progressive Dinner.

Music Ministries

With extra funds from the pumpkin patch, we are able to purchase additional music and supplies for our choir, handbells, and instrumental ensemble.

Volunteering in the Pumpkin Patch

We are looking for a few wonderful people, actually, we need quite a few, to assist in the selling of pumpkins! We need volunteers for days and evenings during our sale. Take a look at the volunteer schedule below to see if the spot you want is available! Two volunteers are needed for each time slot available for most days but our busiest days will need at least three volunteers.

We also need help turning the pumpkins throughout the week. You can find these opportunities on Wednesdays and Sundays but any day will help. Turning pumpkins is extremely important as it helps keep the pumpkins fresh and nice for selling.

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If you need community service hours or would like to volunteer and you aren't a church member, please call the church office at 706.354.0090 or email Carrie.

The "Patch"

We have pumpkins of all sizes for sale. The cost of the pumpkin depends on the size and kind. Come on out to our front lawn and pick out a few pumpkins!

Hours of Operation
Sunday* - Friday: 12pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am- 8pm

*please understand that our worship service concludes at 12pm on Sundays so our volunteers might be a little late setting up the sales table but should be there a little after 12pm.

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