What We Value & Believe
  • The Bible is God’s written word.
  • Christians are free to interpret scripture as led by the Holy Spirit.
  • The local church is free to choose its direction under God’s guidance while maintaining separation of church and state
  • We receive salvation from God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Baptism by immersion is Christ’s example, but like the early Church, we recognize baptism by sprinkling and pouring.
  • Men and women are called by God equally for special Christian service.
  • Our mission is to evangelize and meet human needs.
  • Our giving of monies, prayers and work support Christian worship, missions, evangelism, education and discipleship.
You May Join Milledge Avenue
  • By Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, to be followed by believer’s baptism.
  • By Transfer of Membership from another Baptist Church.
  • By Statement of Faith that you are a baptized Christian and wish to join MABC from another denomination.
  • By Watchcare. While remaining a member of a church at home or elsewhere, you may participate here as a full member while temporarily living in our community.
How Do You Join?
At the close of each service, an opportunity is provided to join Milledge Avenue Baptist Church or to make public any other decision. At the Pastor’s invitation, simply walk to the front. You will be greeted by the pastors who will assist you with your decision or you may request further information and personal contact by one of our ministers. 
Contact Information

Milledge Avenue Baptist Church

1690 South Milledge Ave.

Athens, GA 30605


fax 706-354-0344



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Opportunities to Serve
Scripture Readers

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