Foundation Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to financially support projects of our church and community that address the mission of MABC, which is “to be a worshipping family of God, living and sharing Christ’s love with each other, our community, and our world.”

Foundation History

B.C. and Nita Kinney, MABC charter members, spent a lifetime of living and sharing Christ’s love with the MABC family and the Athens community.  That dedication was further exemplified through an ultimate gift to MABC from the B.C. and Nita Kinney Estate.  This gift provided the initial contribution establishing the MABC Foundation in November 2001.

Foundation Guidelines
  • The Foundation distributes funds to support activities which are consistent with the mission of MABC.
  • Each year, the Foundation may award grants up to 4% of the total Fund balance.  Distributions in excess of 4% require an 80% affirmative vote of the church membership.
  • Foundation funds are not a part of the MABC regular budget, and distributions from Foundation funds are not intended to fund regular budget items.
Application Process
  • A MABC member must sponsor each application for funds and be present for the interview.
  • Application forms/guidelines may be obtained from the MABC office.
  • Applications must be received by the church office by 5pm on May 12, 2017.
How to Apply
To apply for a gift, please fill out an application (click HERE). A church member must sponsor all outside organizations.
Funding Priorities

The foundation Committee will review proposals which:

  • Address church needs:  Proposals which focus on creating the necessary conditions to address the commonly agreed needs of the church.
  • Expand outreach:  Proposals to fund primary outreach services of the church and community organizations which respond to unmet needs of children, families and the community.
  • Strengthen the church or nonprofit organizations:  Proposals to eligible committees/organizations for the purpose of increasing their capacity to fulfill their mission.


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