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Inside Out
Once a week on Sunday evenings, youth come together for a time of food, recreation, and BIble study.  The topics for study and activity are decided upon by the students and have included the Book of Revelation, a study of the Trinity, foundational Bible stories, and world religions studies.  At the beginning of each semester, students plan what topics they would like to learn about and what activities they would enjoy doing--corn mazes, chuck e cheese visits, or a trip to the movies may happen as well.  In addition, this time is used to plan and implement Student Sunday or help in the Pumpkin Patch.  This time of being and growing together in faith and fellowship is what binds us as a group.
Last Published: August 8, 2017 8:26 AM

Milledge Avenue Baptist Church
1690 South Milledge Avenue
Athens, GA 30605

ph: 706-354-0090
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