Adult Ed

Adult Sunday School classes meet weekly at 10:00am and offer a variety of ways to connect with the MABC Family!

Hayden Rogers

Currently studying the Acts of the Apostles through September 25, 2016.


Leader:  Preston Sanders
Coordinator: Anna Scott

Room 221/223

F.I.S.H. Class

Friends In Service to Him!

This is an intergenerational, discussion-oriented class that focuses in-depth study of books of the Bible and topics chosen by the group. This is a community where there are no questions too sacred to ask.

Currently studying Weekly Seeds from UCC which follows Lectionary C.

Leader:  Dr. Susan Bolen
Room 325

Christian Homebuilders

Continues to study the Connections Uniform Bible Study Series published by Smyth and Helwys.


Leader: Variety of people
Coordinator: Martha Givan

Room: 226/228

New Beginnings

Whether you're new to MABC, new to Sunday School, or just wanting something new...this class is for you. Primarily discussion based, with freedom to try other classes, learn about MABC, and plug in to Sunday School.


Currently studying In God's Time: The Bible and the Future.


Leader:  Rev. Delores Eggleston 

Room 324  

College Class

We will meet at 10am in the MABC conference room (beneath the sanctuary.) Our first topic will be “Three Simple Rules for Christian Living.”

  • Do No Harm
  • Do Good
  • Stay in Love with God

We will spend time exploring both concept and application of each of these three rules.

Leader: Dr. Edward Bolen
MABC Conference Room

Other Opportunities

Women's Bible Study

Men's Fellowship Breakfast


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